6 best ways – reveal the price secrets from Garment Manufacturers

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If you are reading this article means you have a collection of new designs in your hand. Also, you want to know the estimated cost of producing the design.

Besides, you have the tech pack and a list of garment manufacturers in your hand

Follow the below step by step procedure to get an accurate quotation from a supplier of the apparel industry. As a result, you will be able to make a precise decision when it is time to manufacture your design collection.

Garment Manufacturer tech pack

Step 01: Ensure the tech pack is ready

Firstly, confirm in-depth product descriptions are placed in the tech pack. The most needed information in the tech pack is design sketches, materials bill, specs of the colorway, all sizes measurement, embellishment’s list, required order quantity etc.

All this information will help your listed manufacturer to determine the CPU (cost per unit) while producing the product. Moreover, adding quantity breakdown delivery wise will also help your supplier to determine the cost of each unit.

Making list of potential Garment Manufacturer

Step 02: Make a list of potential Garment Manufacturers.

It would be best if you make a list of potential suppliers for your design. The minimum number of the listed factory should be 3, and the maximum should be 10 or more.

Accepting the first quotation will not be a wise decision at all. Gather all the price quotations you received from your nominated Garment Manufacturers.

What benefit will you get at this step?

You can make a shortlist comparing every supplier’s quotation. As a result, you will get a better idea of the market and how the costing of a garment is being calculated.

Moreover, options will be created if your first choice fails to supply your product on the due date.

Also, make a note of the suppliers’ advantages and disadvantages. It will help you to determine the best offer from a list of suppliers.

Contact the listed Garment Manufacturer

Step 03: Contact with your listed wholesale clothing supplier sharing further information

Once you choose 1 or 2 suppliers for your product, it is time to contact them sharing further information.

Share your complete tech pack and tell the supplier to share the below information:

1. MOQ: The word MOQ refers to Minimum Order Quantity. You will hardly find a manufacturer who will produce your product if they can’t make a minimum profit. And that is the reason you will have to share the minimum order quantity to the supplier.

So, send an email asking if your nominated supplier has a MOQ requirement or not?

2. Payment terms: In advance, discuss the payment terms. It is an important factor that what % of total production costs do you have to pay in advance? Most of the manufacturers ask for 30% advance payment of the total cost and rest once the item is fully delivered. What would be the payment option? Cash or credit?

3. Price breakdown: Once your suppliers reply with the estimated cost, ask for the cost or price breakdown by the bill of materials. Ask for an in-details price breakdown from your supplier.

4. Quality checklist: It consists of a lab test of your choice or any other quality protocol you need to make sure the clothing meets your requirements.

5. Shipping: Learn the garment exporter receive method. By ship or air?

6. Timings: Ask the delivery time and shipping destination.

Track your shipping from clothing wholesaler

Step 04: Keep the tracking of your request

Make sure you are following up your request. Chances are there, your nominated suppliers are too busy in handling other orders, and your email might have lost into the crowd. So, resending an email or calling them over the phone is a good idea that the supplier has received your request.

Make sure, in their reply they come with all the details you have asked from them.

Reviewing quotation

Step 05: Reviewing the quotation of Garment Manufacturers

After you receive a clump of a quotation, check those with the below checklist.

· How does a manufacturer compare prices with other suppliers?

· Did the supplier mention require raw materials quotation?

· Did they share the MOQs as per your request?

· Cost of sample is included or not?

· Did they share the answer to all your questions?

As per the above checklist, you will be able to get a competitive price for sure.

Make a shortlist of the best Garment Manufacturer

Step 06: Prepare a shortlist of the best Garment Manufacturers.

Once you finish reviewing your options carefully, set aside many suppliers to order your sample.

It would be best if you order a sample from a few apparel Manufactures. This way, you will understand the working procedure of your listed suppliers. And taking the decision will be much more comfortable with this option.

Also, you can cut down more suppliers from the list if you find any of the manufacturers are not responding to your email.


Question: What is the typical cost per unit for manufacturing casual clothing?

Answer: It is challenging to estimate a cost per unit because many essential factors play a vital role to determine the cost. However, a typical cost per unit is $3 – $30 for manufacturing an item of casual clothing. More processes mean more cost.

Question: What do you mean by CIF export?

Answer: The abbreviation of CIF is Cost, Insurance and Freight are the cost incurred by a buyer to cover the cost of buyer’s order, insurance and freight during transportation.

Question: How to ask a manufacturer for prices?

Answer: Follow the above step by step procedure. These steps are much practical on getting a quotation for prices. Following this technique, you will find your required garment manufacturer for your design collection.

Wrap Up

Asking the right question is a great way to find the right garment manufacturers for your product. Also, you have to make sure; you are keeping the communication until you receive your quotation. 

Getting a quotation is an easy task if only you follow the right procedure. Also, confirm that your email is clarifying all your requirements and intentions. A crystal clear communication will help you in getting an ideal supplier.


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