Why Choose Us

  • We always update our info on producers that are new and The factories are assessed by us Concerning product Scope, quality of This Merchandise created, manufacturing capacity, amenities, fiscal capacity, technology orientation, person power conditions, managerial efficiency, and quality policy. After our initial evaluation is finished we also make a decision in approving an seller and exchange info.

  • Technologies region, and accessories and quota availability are upgraded. And review. They are helped by us with organizing their itinerary and lodging. The buyers are also oriented by us and performn’ts of the company practices in the nation, its culture, traditions, and heritage to produce their visit pleasurable and fruitful. All this! Yes, we decrease the expense of purchasing, the price of quality, and also the expense of reassuring deliveries. And, our clients get to understand new products, new improvements along with a distribution base . We accompany our clients factory visits, on their purchasing visits, New goods. Information of value developments, cloth about Types,

  • Since 2007, ExploreTex has supplied factory direct attire solutions to numerous distinguished clientele. We operate with brands and clothes lines — both the personal label and also the youthful brand. We’re contract garment makers with the ability. We work to provide the maximum quality apparel product and worker workwear. We provide our clients apparel customization solutions from design to supply, maintaining every step in 1 spot and between under a roof. We have among the cleanest garments factories in Dhaka, and you’re free to scrutinize supplied you have an appointment. They don’t operate Public Holidays. We participate in sustainable methods to minimize waste in any way costs. Using cutting edge technology we’re precise in our cloth use quotes and off any fabric cuts are contributed to reuse to create products. We contribute frequently to Lots Of Welfare Agency and base. Our team have been supplied with cotton bag bags and drink bottles, to discourage the unnecessary usage of a single usage plastic bottles & luggage at the mill. We’ve got natural light in the mill, generous lunch places, water heaters, coffee & tea channels, clean Western bathrooms, & use whole time cleaners to maintain things pristine.


  1. When we get an inquiry then we sit with our marketing department to calculate a workable price.
  2. We submit our best price to our buyer as quickly as possible.
  3. After price confirmation, we submit Fit Samples and we request buyers to issue PO sheet with full order details.
  4. After we receive and review the PO sheet we request the buyer to open the Master L/C.
  5. After receiving the Master L/C, we open the Back to Back L/C for Yarn and Accessories soonest possible.
  6. Meantime we take all necessary approval on Fabrics, Accessories, Garments sample from our buyer.
  7. When the factory receives all the Fabrics and Accessories then we go to make a size set, pre-production, production sample for ours’ and buyer’s approval to start production step by step.
  8. When production starts our Quality Assured Department’s people go for inspection. After Inspection, they permit us to go ahead for bulk production.
  9. After the final inspection, we ship the goods.
  10. After shipping the goods we prepare the shipping documents without delay and submit to their bank so those buyers receive the documents on time and prepare clearing formalities at their end.

Normally we carry out the above procedure. Please advise if you have any suggestions or any special requirements.

  • We operate with scheduled manufacturing calendars and are fair with delivery time frames in the first consultation prior to delivery. We understand how important it’s to deliver in time and realize the selling seasons. We utilize specific project management software together with our customers so that you get real time updates on delivery times and other key manufacturing occasions. Vogue is lifestyle! We send all orders with urgency, normally only taking days to receive afterwards. We send all orders with urgency, normally only taking days to get after production has ended. We like to maintain our production program running as quickly as you can. We’re just one Professional apparel maker — we treat all from reception of your layouts to sampling, printing, manufacturing and transport. We’ve got some of the very skilled workers in Dhaka, many who’ve been with us for over 2 decades, and we have customers who’ve fabricating with us for over 1 decade. We like building long-term relationships. We’re discreet with your layouts & don’t share your layouts with anybody else!


At our factory, we realize that trust, confidence, and commitment depend on a reliable flow of quality raw materials. To produce high-quality world-class knit garments, we give equal emphasis on our back end supply chain. We use high-quality yarn, supplied by reputed yarn manufacturer, for knitting the fabrics and the sewing department is strictly controlled by a highly qualified QC team.

Quality is our prime concern, we never compromise with quality. We always try to keep the best quality according to our vendor’s requirements. We have a skilled and efficient quality unit. Units are divided into two units,

  1. Line Quality Unit
  2. Finishing Quality Unit

ExploreTex™ Company is committed to satisfying customer expectations and needs and striving for excellence and continual improvement by providing quality products and services conforming fully to customers’ regulatory and internal requirements. These, in turn, ensure our continuing growth and success in the global market.

We shall achieve our goals by establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient Quality Management System, through which our corporate and departmental objectives and targets are established and our measured performance is routinely evaluated. Attaining the required label of quality in our textile product and support services is an integral part of all our day to day activities and must ensuring conformance to our written procedures, and contributing towards the continual improvement of our overall performance.

We believe that the opportunity for improvement is always there. ExploreTex™ Sourcing Company is not only concentrated on improving its quality and service, but the management also has the intention to improve and maintain international standards in working, social & environmental aspects at an acceptable level.

  • We’re top rank clothing manufacturers that have been given an importing & exporting permit that means we could export cloth readily. Additionally, it means we don’t have to pay import duties & taxes on the cloth such as other producers, therefore we are able to pass those savings. You don’t have to import costly printed cloth once we can publish your art at house on a range of quality materials. We’re the improvement experience clothes maker with in home digital fabric printing on organic fibers & sublimation. You don’t have to import costly printed cloth once we can publish your art at house on a range of quality materials. We now have electronic blueprint making services utilizing CAD. We often consult government like the Department of Customs to advise how legislative changes affect exports and imports to Bangladesh. We’re a”zero debt” clothing maker, meaning we haven’t any loans on the company and own all our assumptions and equipment outright. Our mill is authorities compliant with applicable building certificates & licenses. We lawfully own our enterprise & assumptions in our name. Many overseas factories in Bangladesh are not able to be possessed by the owner, due to restrictions.

The highest importance is given to research and development for the continuous growth of the company. With the help of cutting edge technology and a dedicated team of experts composed of members from Marketing, Merchandising, and Product Engineering Departments, our company ensures constant development and sampling at every stage of knitting, dyeing and finishing garments manufacture.

Without sampling, one can never go for perfect garments. That’s why we give a definite concern in this regard having an individual sample division. One skilled pattern master carries the division with 25 very efficient sample men and 15 helpers.

Let’s Make Great Products Together