Top 10 secrets formulas of start a successful clothing fashion brand

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Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be successful? We all want success and have the desire to reach the zenith. Unfortunately, many of us fall apart.

Creating a successful business model is a bit tricky. Although nothing is impossible. The right plan, vision and is mandatory. Also, giving up shortly is prohibited.

Through this article, we will share a guideline on “start a successful clothing fashion brand.”

We did in-depth research on many successful Apparel manufacturers and came up with a list of what they followed from the start of their business until your small business become successful in the clothing industry.

So, let’s take the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Step by step process of setting up a thriving clothing fashion brands

Choose your clothing fashion niche

1. Choose your clothing fashion niche

Starting a clothing business is similar to a personal journey to an endless path. Creative persons choose to come in this path, offering something unique to the fast-moving fashion industry.

No matter whatever is your inspiration point, first of all, you have to choose the niche for your clothing business. Are you looking to create a fan-base specific item or you want to build a fitness clothing line?

Or you have a unique design in your mind that you want to introduce to everyone with a blast?

You may have many ideas in your mind, but you can’t run behind every idea. Pick the right niche and make a plan based on that.

 Make a Business Plan

2. Make a Business Plan

If this is just a visual concept, and you can test your designs on a small scale, you may not require a complete business plan to get started. But if your test run becomes successful, you will need a business plan for your project.

Be noted that the fashion industry is changing fast. Here nothing is inevitable. Since nothing is fixed here, so you have to be prepared for any challenges.

Creating a budget

3. Creating a budget

At the beginning of the business, the budget needs to be determined & cost-effective. Because you have to pay in every aspect. Start with a design that you love most, know the manufacturing process and cost, get the feedback from the customer – all these things will assist you in understanding the customer’s choice. Based on the result, you have to launch a lengthy product catalog.

Also, you can figure a fund in mind. Make sure; you keep the cost flexible enough because you are unaware of materials cost fully.

Your budget will allow you to determine your path to success.

Organize business

4. Organizing business

Even if you don’t write a business plan, take a pen and notebook, then write down your overall strategy like target market, target audience, etc. It will help you to organize your business.

Since you are investing effort and you have goals for the future, write down the ideas of how your business will move on.

  • Location of your business: Will you run your business from your bedroom or online shop or aim to rent a small studio. Rules are different for online business and market stall traders.
  • Selling process: How will you want to proceed with your selling, through social media marketing at the initial stage and go to a studio later? Whatever selling process you follow, there are certain things which are mandatory while selling any product like license or permits, HMRC for tax purposes, etc.
  • Who’s running the show? No doubt that you will manage the whole business of your clothing company but will you appoint any other key person who will monitor your entire business? For example, any accountant, or designer, or any other person to assist you from setting up to stall to selling a product.
  • Funding: One of the most critical factors. There is a saying – “money takes money.” To keep growing your business and boosting up, you will need additional fund support. How will you arrange this additional support? Government backup or loan or crowdfunding?
Product development

5. Product development stage

One of the most exciting stages of garment business is – product development. Whatever design you have in mind, put it on paper or screen, sketch the design. Once you finish sketching, then turn it to digital sketches. You can choose Adobe Photoshop to make the sketch effortlessly. If you don’t have experience in operating Photoshop, hire a designer from Fiverr, Upwork.

After completing the sketch, next, you have to think about the product’s tech pack. Tech packs carry all the essential information like measurements, required materials, additional processes (if any), etc. related to the garment. And you have to submit it to your listed print-on-demand manufacturer.

Before sourcing for the Apparel manufacturers, you have to start preparing the pattern and grading.

Brand creation

6. Brand creation

The truth is, without being creative, you will not get success in the fashion industry. So, you have to pick an eye-catchy clothing brand name and should make your private label on that brand name.

For instance, based on the age of your targeted customer, you may choose a name like “kid’s and mom’s.” If you feature all unique designs of your own, you can use your name as your clothing brands like Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.

manufacturing process

7. Start the manufacturing process

It is time to start a clothing line for manufacturing your product through a garment manufacturer.

At this stage, picking the right manufacturer is essential. While picking the right garment manufacturer, you have to follow a few certain steps.

It would help if you make a list of more than 10 garments manufacturers before picking the most ideal one.

You have to share all the details related to your design. Learn about their cost before you give the order. Also, every garment manufacturer has its criteria, before placing the order to learn about those criteria.

At this point, getting precise information is mandatory because the success of your business depends on the first order a lot.


8. Give a test run of your product Feedback

Since you have made some samples of your product, launch them to the market. This way, you will be able to know how they perform.

Always ask your customer to share feedback and notes regarding the product.

Customer feedback is significantly essential because it will give you a guideline of how you should walk or run in the path.

 Lunch the product

9. Lunch the product to the market

After getting the customer feedback and receiving the first order from the manufacturer, it is time to launch your bulk garments to the market.

Take your time to determine the below things.

  • Product price.
  • Brand marketing.
  • Packaging the product.
  • Dealing with a return policy.
  • Planning with your manufacturer for the new season.
 eye on the sales

10. Keep a close eye on the sales.

Congratulations, you have launched your business. You need to keep a close eye to the sales now because the next order needs to be placed depending on the sales of the current order.

You must be required to hire a combination of skilled and fresh employees. Don’t hesitate to hire a few people. No doubt that they will add value to your business.


Question: How can I attract customers?

Answer: Below is the easy steps to attract customers.

  • Identify your ideal potential customer.
  • Discover where your customer lives.
  • Know your business inside and out.
  • Build partnerships.
  • Follow up.

Question: How to increase sales?

Answer: Sales increasing depends on the below factors.

  • Simplify your goal. Begin by understanding your business niche.
  • Break the task into detailed mission.
  • Know the customer requirements.
  • Craft and sustain satisfactory attention.
  • Take note, pay attention, and ensure action.
  • Take the responsibility but not the credit.
  • Work on the basics.

Finally, do hard work.

Without hard work, you must not expect success in any sector. There is no short-cut way of becoming successful. The path will never be a bed of roses; you have to make it a bed of roses through hard work, right vision, and never give up attitude.

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