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Are you in search of the best sportswear clothing manufacturer? If you own a clothing brand or run a retail shop or need an outfit for sports, your first task is finding the right supplier.

Sportswear is a classic blend of style and use. The fiber and fabric with new traits suit sports tasks to play with ease. Have you decided to run your own sports clothing brand?

Are you thinking of buying in bulk? Then we would say a wholesale source could help you with that. This way, you can have control over basic needs and get it customized with your style choice.

We are pretty sure that your mind must be having tons of queries. How to get started? Where to find sports clothing manufacturers? Can you get a wholesale supply with the best product? 

Put all your stress aside. You have stepped to the perfect site to meet all your goals. EXPLORETEX gives you all at a time. A vast choice range of cozy Sports outfit. The bonus point is its wholesale price!

We know it well that you will love our sports outfit when you look at its finishing and quality. So, get ready to know more about our clothing making and supply services. Decide on your own why to choose us.

Let”s start! 

Wholesale Sportswear Clothing Manufacturer

When you want to excel in the sports clothing line, you need unique products. It would help if you also had ideas on the trend and needs of users. But as new to this line, you are sure to lack and go on the wrong track.

A vital point is the price of the clothing. Your first search should be a clothing maker with wholesale supply to help you with products cozy in terms of use and price. We bring our full package service to make each of your apparel, best in quality. 

But why select a manufacturer for clothing with wholesale service? Let me help. It is because:

  • Give your brand a unique image
  • Our clothing makers and suppliers leading the field are skilled
  • We lead you to make your custom design
  • Each product is exclusive
  • Set orders for purchase in huge quantity
  • Give you discounts if you plan to buy in bulk
  • Price is low that fits your fine budget      

Being a wholesaler of apparel, EXPLORETEX focuses on the needs of sports teams and other retail shops for sports. We offer the best sports outfit at a lower price to give you the best.  

Professional Sportswear Manufacturer

Professional Sportswear Manufacturer


We pretty well know about each of your needs when it comes to buying sports outfits or accessories. That is why we bring fresh and original sports clothing products to help retail sellers and common users. Our products and services have made us reach the top as a wholesale sports clothing supplier!

We have skilled sport clothing manufacturers to design each of your outfits. Having years of experience, they come out with the higher quality apparel on a set time. 

You are sure to get surprised when you take a look at our collection. Each of our sportswear
comes with a variety in terms of:

  •  Color choice
  •  Design and cuts
  • Well finishing
  •  Size option
  •  Custom choice
  • Stylish and trendy
  • Authentic fabric
  •  Cozy to use
  •  For all, men and women
  • The perfect outfit for different sport tasks

Be it the attire for soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, or simple gym wear, and all is at your hand. Our wholesale source can bring you a variety of outfits suitable for sports. 

All you would need is to place your set of orders. We will satisfy all your sports clothing needs!

As a top Sportswear Clothing Manufacturer, we attach great

importance to quality

When you would begin your search for makers for your clothing items, you would find thousands. But wait. Which is the one for you?

Well, why look further? You have visited the place that can serve you the best. EXPLORETEX is a one-go online shop. We have touched the peak of success with our service and production.

Why choose us? Let’s make the reasons crystal clear for you:


  • We are an OEM sportswear manufacturer
  • We ensure a top clothing quality
  • We give you multiple options for choosing the fabric you prefer
  • As a wholesale supplier, we give you the chance to check samples before you get the
  •   final product order
  • Get it dyed or printed the way you desire
  • We offer sports products like Tank Top, Sports Bra, Leggings, Shirt, Hoodies and many more.
FactorsKey points
1. UniquenessEach sports outfit is made exclusive to meet your brand need
2. ColorWe assure you vivid color with no fading
3. Fabric qualityWe use the best moist wicking fabric with 100% quality guarantee
4. SewingHigher quality sewing
5. FinishingFine quality finishing
6. ComfortNo matter you are in which sports, you get a cozy wear
7. Type of clothingMoist wicking clothing so that you don’t feel uneasy about playing with sweat
8. CustomizingIf you want a unique custom outfit, rest assured. We are there for that

Areas Where We Provide Our Services

Wholesale Sportswear Clothing Manufacturer

EXPLORETEX is here with skilled sportswear manufacturing services. Your content is our goal. You must be wondering why we. We won’t say that our services will make you believe that we are the best.

1. Printing Service

Who likes to go plain in an outfit? The good news is, be it a sports or yoga outfit; we can make dye prints. The types of printing service we render are:

Dye Sublimation: 

This type of printing lasts long. It is a quick print to offer vivid colors. We print with sublimation on polyester for default printing.

We make light clothing with dye sublimation. Stay sure that no scratch can pull the artwork. Inks we use are permanent so that the color and image stay the same way for a long time. 

Digital print:

Digital print is a direct way to print on your clothing piece. All kind of fabric goes well with such print. Our design team is skilled and gives pinpoint detail on work art with a touch of bright colors. As a default print step, our digital print serves the best. Get a higher resolution print!

Screen Print:

In this type, we use screens to put the ink layers along with the template. It is an art method that lasts long.EXPLORETEX gives you options for a wide range of screen printing:

  • Water Base Print
  • Rubber Print
  • HD Print
  • Glitter Print
  • Silk Print

Print with Heat Transfer:

It is quite the same as screen printing. But here we use heat transfer to get the template design instead of a screen. They don’t get blurry even when washed multiple times. You can get up to four color blends at one go.

At EXPLORETEX, we give the following HT prints:

  • Foil print
  • Water ink print
  •  Puff print
  •  Latex print
  • Reactive print

2. Embroidery service

Are you starting a sports clothing business? Well, designs with embroidery are a sporty choice. Such designs give the sports outfit a luxe look like fitness or athletic wear. Easy to fit on downtime, for instance, hoodies, sweatshirts, and caps.

EXPLORETEX brings you two special types of embroidery service:

Direct on Cloth:

Embroidery is more than a mere art of yarn and sews patterns. We give such design only for templates more than 5 cm. For small designs, embroidery is not fit.Our Direct embroidery gives an amazing trendy look with colors that last longer. Be sure your

outfit colors or work won’t fade even a bit. Our experts use tech devices for such fine tasks. 

Patch Sticker:

In this section, we use some stickers and embroider following the patch. Sports outfit with natural and artificial fabric can both get our embroidery designs. 

Make sure not to use light fabrics to get customized with embroidered designs. But if you have great designs with varying color tones, such an applique is not suitable at all. 

3. Private label service

If you want to create a self-brand, you would need a private label service. We give you products on a large scale. You will get tad discounts too on large buys. This way, you get a cut on the making costs.

Our sportswear manufacturers Europe have all. We add printed woven label with four size options. If you wish, we can give you labels with wash care tips. Get hanging tags with the packaging!

4. Cut Make Trim service

Do you own a brand and want clothing makers to fulfill your specific tech needs and design? You have stepped to the very right online shop. We let you go creative with your plans.Let the rest upon us. We create, design it as you say, cut, sew, and present you an amazing final piece of sportswear. Our cut and sew sports clothing makers make it happen the way you dream.

5. Full package service

Looking for sports clothing at wholesale prices? We give you all starting from designs, cuts to the final product. Because we serve you in a full package for production. Our manufacturers will make your dream designs to take the form of clothes. Customize, sew, and wear!

Wholesale Sportswear Clothing Manufacturer

Concluding words

Now, you know pretty well that EXPLORETEX tops as a wholesale service provider with the best manufacturer for sportswear. We put extra efforts to bring the art and style with colors, stitch, and fabric designs to get you amazing sports clothing products.

In terms of all price and fabric quality factors, we are the leaders as the number one wholesaler for sports outfit. Our clothing makers plus suppliers work in a unique way to make each of your sports apparel exclusive. Be sure to go organic in our printing or dye methods and make your regular sportswear more stylish. 

Let’s start together and bring a cozy, positive change to your sportswear in a creative way


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