Clothing Label Branding, Hang Tags, Packaging & Hardware

At ExploreTex, you have the possibility to create your own customised clothing label branding, tags, packaging, hardware and garment accessories to elevate your designs.

Label Branding

Brand Labels

Woven, Printed Labels : 2000 pieces,

Size Labels : 500 pieces per size (minimum of 4 sizes),

Wash Care Labels : 2000 pieces

hand tags

Hang Tags

Tags : 2000 pieces (Various paper weights and finishes available)



Poly Packaging Bags : 2000 pieces, 

Non-Woven Shipping Bags : 2000 pieces,

Poly Mailers : 5000 pieces Boxes where 1000 pieces per size and per colour

Cloth hardware


Engraved Buttons : 1000 pieces per button size,

Engraved Metal Trims : 1000 pieces per size,

Engraved Zipper Pulls : 1000 pieces per zipper pull size

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